Training Boots!

This cat wanders over to our house a lot...so I decided to train Boots a few tricks! Today he learned that click=treat and how to Hop Up! onto any flat surface. We clicker trained this behavior in just about 1 hour throughout the day. I made a video so you can see what we ended up with...sorry it's so dark outside! :)


Dog Tricks!

Hi Everyone!!!

Mya has 67 words that she knows, now! Yeah!

Does anyone have a trick that they want me to try and teach her? Leave a comment, then!



Bye, Peter.

Peter, my very first rabbit ever, passed away a few months ago. I still miss him every single day and I wish he was still here. Hopefully someday I will be able to show a rabbit in 4-H.

Bye, Peter.


Dogster and Catster!

Hi Everyone!

I found an awesome website! It is called Dogster. There is another one called Catster as well. You make profiles for your cat or dog and there are games, forums, and lots of people who love cats and dogs!



My dog, Mya's, page

I hope you join! Send me a PPR (Pup Pal Request) if you get an account on there. I love it! It is so much fun.




Dusty's Adoption Video!!!

Please enjoy this video of Dusty, an adoptable kitten in Southern MN. Visit http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MN222.html and click on adoptable pets to see him and more!!!