Bunny Rabbit

This is my sweet, 4 year old, male lop rabbit. Peter is sooo cute and friendly once he gets to know you!


This kitty is Cheeto, a male stray cat that we can almost pet now. He isn't feral and will came eat the food you throw to him. I can't wait 'til this kitty cat is tame!

Jewel the Princess...

This kitty cat is Jewel, as you can see she fattened up quite a bit after coming inside! She was a feral cat and we tamed her after about a year, she now acts like Queen of the World! She likes to only be petted certain ways and only at certain times of the day. She is slightly cuckoo, I think!

Kitty Cat!


This CUUUUTE kitty is my Mickey, she likes to come sit on your head and curl around shoulders! She is one of Jewels kittens!

Agility Equipment

Hi Again!

I have some ideas to make easy dog agility equipment.

Weave poles:

Find some small PVC piping (check thrift stores, or if you have a local ReStore that works good too. Or find some PVC pipes around your house) Then get some small stakes that fit inside the poles. Measure out about 20 inches and pound the stakes in. Slide the PVC pipes over the top of the stakes and then pound the PVC pipes lightly to make it sturdier. Or you can take thick dowel rods and pound those into the ground and leave them uncovered. I have used both these ideas and they both work well.


You can build some jumps with PVC piping if you have it, but it can be slightly expensive. If you have scrap wood you can pound together a simple jump. The dog won't care if it is perfect or not. Or for big dogs use garbage cans on their side. If you have a short role of fencing your big dog can also jump that. Small dogs can jump small logs, and big dogs can jump log piles. Anything that is the right height can be used as a jump. In fact, the dogs that are used to jumping crazy things often do the best when faced with crazy wings jumps and such.


Tables are pretty easy to get. Use the top of your dogs kennel covered with a piece of plywood or a grooming table adjusted to the right height. I also use the top of a picnic table in our backyard. Another thing to use is a bow and arrow target on it's side. Wooden pallets can be stacked to the right height and a piece of plywood can be placed on top and that could also serve as a table. Pretty much anything sturdy and flat could be used.

Teeter Totter:

I use a old board that is slightly smaller than the regulation size (it is about 10 feet long and 7 inches wide, a wider board is needed for larger dogs) and I put it on a stool. That will work for a mini teeter totter or until you get a bigger one. I also use anything I can find that isn't super high since the board is small and test it to make sure it doesn't wobble that much. You can also train your dog for a teeter totter by putting a piece of plywood on top of a slightly deflated ball, also called the Buja Board.

Dog walk:

A dog walk is a harder piece of equipment to get. I made a mini one since the wood is so expensive. Get two hinges and connect 3 boards together. Then place the boards on top of 2 five gallon buckets and then bungee cord the boards to the buckets so it doesn't wobble as much.

That is some of my ideas, I'll keep posting as I come up with more. It is your responsibility to make sure that the equipment is safe. If you build a jump that is to high or has nails sticking out and your dogs injures herself, that is your responsibility since you are the one giving the command to the dog, it wasn't her idea to start agility, it was yours. Have fun doing agility with your dog!



Hello Again!

Here's my dog Mya, she is soooo sweet and is training for agility. She a yellow lab/English springer spainel X.


Last Day at GLOBE

Hey Everybody!

Today was the last day of the AWESOME GLOBE camp. We had TONS of fun selling the cup koozies, ponytail holders, and backpacks that we made. It was also a lot of fun decorating the bats people got for free when the game started. I really wish the camp was longer!!


More about GLOBE

GLOBE camp is just soooooo cool! The dorms we are staying in at MSU are pretty nice. There are bunkbeds, a BIG desk, and 2 small closets. My roommate is Hannah Oudekerk. I like her and all the other (3) girls at camp. There are only 8 people total at camp, so we have 4 groups of 2, each with a leader for working on our projects. My partner is Sheldon. The above picture is what our (meaning Hannah and I) room looks like. it is exactley the same except that the bunkbeds are on the other side of the room.

First Day of Globe Camp!

Today's the first day of the GLOBE camp! It is for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders to learn about starting a business. I have been up since 6:30 Because I have been so excited! We played a game to learn about managing a business and are making a product to sell at a Moondogs game tomorrow night. My team is going to have bat customizing because the first 400-500 people to come to the game get free mini bats. We are going to decorate the bats with colored grip tape and also with either metalic or glow-in-the-dark markers or paint. Then we will also sell markers for people to get the bats signed. The picture above is of a pamphlet about the camp. It is (and is going to be!!) SOOOOO much fun at this camp!