I recently got to help rescue a Jack Russel Terrier mix we named Bandit from someones barn. The lady there said that when they were on vacation someone saw the dog at the end of their driveway. A few days after they got back she saw the dog running by the mailbox at the end of their driveway as she was leaving. She said that then dog would sleep in their barn, she thought it was just one of the neighbors dogs because they had some like it. But then after the dog was at their house for a few weeks she realized that Bandit was not owned as she got close enough to him to see that his ribs were showing. She also said that every day he goes and sits and waits at the end of her driveway and also responded to her when she said no when he walked towards her by imeadietly lying down on the ground and staying there. We managed to slip a leash/collar over his head when he came over the eat his food and then put him in a crate. Jean, the For Pets leader, has him at her house and besides being very skinny he is in good health. Jean has become his best friend and he allows her to remove his food and toy without any aggression at all, but anybody else he hates. He even bit one of the volunteers. But hopefully he will become freindly soon!!!

Garage Sale

The For Pets garage sale was a HUGE hit! We made more than our goal of twice the amount of the year before. It was really fun, we had soooo much stuff, though, that the sale was extended another day!

A Girl


For Pets!

Hi, it's me, A Girl, again!

I joined a really cool humane society called For Pets this year. They mostly have cats, but they have some dogs sometimes. I get to foster a few kittens even! And yesterday I learned how to give the kittens their shots and I also worked on some stuff for the HUGE garage sale in a few weeks. You can find For Pets on petfinder, just type in For Pets and 56001 on the side bar.