Dog Tricks!

Hi Everyone!!!

Mya has 67 words that she knows, now! Yeah!

Does anyone have a trick that they want me to try and teach her? Leave a comment, then!



Bye, Peter.

Peter, my very first rabbit ever, passed away a few months ago. I still miss him every single day and I wish he was still here. Hopefully someday I will be able to show a rabbit in 4-H.

Bye, Peter.


Dogster and Catster!

Hi Everyone!

I found an awesome website! It is called Dogster. There is another one called Catster as well. You make profiles for your cat or dog and there are games, forums, and lots of people who love cats and dogs!



My dog, Mya's, page

I hope you join! Send me a PPR (Pup Pal Request) if you get an account on there. I love it! It is so much fun.




Dusty's Adoption Video!!!

Please enjoy this video of Dusty, an adoptable kitten in Southern MN. Visit http://www.petfinder.com/shelters/MN222.html and click on adoptable pets to see him and more!!!




Mya's Agility Run

These 2 videos are of a run-through agility course in my backyard with my dog Mya. It is hard to see some of it because I was filming while I was running. Please leave a comment if you have suggestions or anything on it. I appreciate them a lot!

~Alex and Mya


Baby Bluebirds

Here is a video of our 9 day old baby Eastern Bluebirds. They still sleep a lot, but have grown a ton!



Photography - Rules of Three

Hello again,

I am taking a photography unit study in school and I wanted to share some tips I learned. This post is about the "rule" of three. It is the most important "rule", right after the "rule" that after you learn a rule that you should break it. In reality, photography has no rules. The only real rule is that you have to try and break a rule after you learn it. Don't try to do different than the rule before you learn it. You have to learn the rule to break it!!! OK, now here is the " rule of three." Imagine when you are taking a picture that there is grid over the picture the same as a tic-tac-toe grid. The main points of interest should be where the points intersect. Instead of imagining, some newer cameras have a grid function which lets you put a grid over the picture when you take it, but it removes the grid on the actual picture. Sometimes, the picture will look better in a different way, but remember to learn the rule before breaking it. One of the worst ways to take a picture in most circumstances is by completely centering it. JUST DON'T DO IT!!! Unless it makes a really great picture, which it won't in most cases, follow the rule of 3's.

Here are some pictures that I took using the "right" way:

This one worked, even though the main image is centered because of the way Mya's foot sticks out and she is leaning:

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoy this! More tips coming soon!!!
A Girl


Crazy Minnesota Winters...

It is so cold! I wish I could buy a GIANT oven and put it around my house so I could keep warm. I want to fly to Texas or Arizona in a heated plane with heated seats and hot chocolate. I wish this never ending cold would end! 4 foot drifts! AAAAAHHH! This cold is freezing my brain! I wish for warm weather soon, so I can once again train my dog for dog agility without worrying that she will slip if I did train her. I WANT WARM WEATHER! Then I can plant in our garden, and play outside.

Those are my CRAZY wishes for Winter.

By A Girl


Snuggles Needs A Home!

Snuggles Needs A Home! This is Snuggles, a young gray tabby that was saved by For Pets from being put down because there was no room at a shelter. For Pets is a local spay/neuter group. He is the cuddliest cat you have ever seen! He runs from person to person, rubbing under their chins. Snuggles would love to have a home where he could snuggle, day and night!
Snuggles has been neutered, and is up to date on his shots and flea prevention. There is an adoption fee for him to cover the cost of his care. If you would like to meet Snuggles, please contact us so we can set up a time for you to visit with him at his foster home. Let us know if you have any questions about Snuggles, or would like information about our other cats in foster homes! Snuggles is at a foster home in Mankato, MN.
For Pets Email:


Dog Gone Bad!

Here is a picture of a sweet innocent dog I used to have...

But watch out, because as soon as your back as turned, this happened!!!

(This photo is unaltered from its original state, it was perfect timing!!!)