Dog Food Gravy

Here's my recipe for dog food gravy:

Cook some chicken, beef, etc, and put in the fridge. Then take off all of the fat and reheat the meat in a big pot on top of your stove with some water. Add in several veggies, if you want, and use potatoes, potato flakes, or something else that is thickening to make it thicker. Then blend in a blender once all cooked. Add more water or more of your thickening substance as needed until it is slightly thick, yet watery. Mix it in your dog's kibble, just enough to coat all of the kibble pieces. Freeze in serving sizes if you won't use it within 2-3 days in the fridge. Don't let it freeze to long though, use as soon as possible for better quality.

A Girl

Dog Holiday Safety Tips


Just some tips for keeping your dog safe during the holiday...

  • Keep 'people food' out of reach
  • Board your dog or have somebody come at least 2 times a day if you are leaving your house
  • Keep cabinets with medicine, cleaners, and the like shut and locked
  • Take time to play with and walk your dog
  • Keep your pet leashed, especially around roads


  • Feed your dog chocolate in any form, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, onions, garlic, any part or form of avocado, pear pips, apple core pips, plum kernels, peaches, apricots, potato peelings and green looking potatoes, rhubarb leaves, alcohol, yeast dough, coffee grounds and beans, tea, green parts of tomatoes, large amounts of broccoli, cigarettes, tobacco, and anything moldy or spoiled. THESE ARE POISONOUS
  • Leave medicine, cleaners, and thing like insecticide, etc around for your dog to get into
  • Leave your dog by itself at home if you are going to travel for the holidays
  • Let your dog run without it's leash when it isn't in an enclosed area, especially by roads
  • Forget that your dog needs exercise and play time

A Girl


Thanksgiving Fun!

Hi Again!

For most Thanksgivings my family has gathered at my grandma and grandpa's house to celebrate. My brothers and I usually sing a silly song or act out a short play or something like that. The first year we did something we put on a short skit, where we dressed up as Wampanoag Indians and pilgrims and made a small model of the Mayflower and pretended that we were coming to the New World. Another year we sang The Turkey Shot Out of the Oven by Jack Prelutsky. You can find this song at:
Another year we decided to make a Jeopardy game model with Thanksgiving questions in different categories and played that, complete with the theme song downloaded from the computer!

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

A Girl